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Damian.com.au Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based business which has been family run for the past 20 years supplying goods and services to many customers.The business was established by Damian and Lee Burke in 1993 and has established its market supplying to the Hotel, Club Industry  industry. Then spreading to the general public as the demand incresed.
Currently Damian.com.au Pty Ltd supplies the following goods or services :

> Coin Operated Pool Tables - www.damiansgames.com.au


> Coin Operated Skill Tester Machines & Games - www.damiansgames.com.au


> Costumes and Costume Accessories Supplies - www.costumeworks.com.au


> Commercial Christmas Decorations - www.christmasworks.com.au


> Hellium Balloons Delivery -


> Party Supplies - www.partywork.com.au


> Vending Machines - Food and Drink - www.vendingworks.com.au

We are dedicated to provide personal service at the right price.